deferit - Bushfire Assistance

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Here at deferit we are absolutely heartbroken watching the current destruction across our beautiful country. We’re a small company, but we are trying to do our part to help those affected by the devastating bushfires.

That’s why we're offering the deferit service for free for those who are in fire affected areas.

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You’re eligible to use deferit for free if you've been directly affected by the recent bushfires.

Get in touch with us by clicking below and make sure to include the email address of your deferit account and a brief description of your circumstances and we'll help by offering deferit for free to assist with budgeting and paying your bills.

If you haven’t yet created an account and want to use our service, please sign up for an account first and then click the button below.

* Please note that our normal account eligibility criteria apply and we cannot offer our service to anyone who is currently in bankruptcy, has a debt agreement, or has had recent substantial defaults.

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Get in touch with us at and we can help you with payment arrangements.

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Send a link to this page to a friend who has been affected by the fires.

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Our Pledge

We are donating 10% of this month’s income to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES Wildlife Rescue with a minimum pledge of $10,000 to support our firefighters, communities and animals suffering through this unprecedented fire season.

If you’re paying your monthly fee this month, a portion of it is going to support these great causes.