deferit - About Us

Our mission is to help people pay their bills

Ever not paid a bill on time, been hit with late fees or lost a pay on time discount? You're not alone, Australians are paying hundreds of millions of dollars in these fees every year!

We decided to do something about it. We created an easy to use budgeting tool to pay your bills on time, breaking them down into 4 flexible payments. Forget interest, establishment fees, annual fees, late fees.

Welcome to deferit.

Our Promise

Be Empowered

You're always in the drivers seat. Pay bills when you like and change payments to suit you all in your account.

No Hidden Costs

Only pay the monthly fee when actively using the service. We don't charge late fees or other hidden fees.

We Help You Pay Bills

We don't do discretionary items (like retail stuff) because we don't believe in increasing debt levels.